We make superior beds.

Sleep in peace knowing that you're on the best mattress in the market today. Rest comfortably and free of body aches that come with a hard day's work and pains that an inadequate bed can bring. Take a look at our wide range of products that guarantee a good night's sleep.

Let us tell you about quality sleep.

Being in the business for nearly five decades, we know sleep well. Can't stop twisting and turning in search of that elusive perfect spot to fall asleep in? Let us tell you more about how our beds can help you get the quality sleep you deserve.

Find out what makes Salem beds special.

Using only the finest materials, each Salem bed is researched, developed, and crafted with painstaking care, ensuring each one will create a comfortable space for families and individuals. As you spend 1/3 of your life in bed, a Salem bed is one way to ensure that you'll spend all that time comfortably.

Get to know us better.

For decades, Salem has been synonymous with tremenous quality and durability. Salem takes pride in creating mattresses that can last a decade or two, making each mattress a prudent purchase like no other. Read on to know more about our company's philosophy and roots.

Feel the Salem bed difference, come visit us today.

With dozens of models to choose from, Salem beds provides ample options to every need, preference, and budget. Whether you're someone suffering from back problems, a professional who wish to crash comfortably after a frantic day at the office, an athlete who needs to properly recuperate, or a growing family with varying demands, you'll surely find a great Salem mattress to suit your requirements perfectly. Drop by one of our locations today and get to experience the Salem comfort.

Experience luxurious nights with the Salem Elite Collection.

Offering the latest in sleep technology, the Salem Elite Collection is second to none in the current market. Using the finest materials alongside first-rate manufacturing techniques, the new face of comfort comes to life.

Can't choose which Salem bed to purchase? Let us help you.

Some say that nobody looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep. We say they must have not tried sleeping on a Salem bed just yet. Each Salem bed is created with a goal in mind, and that is to provide high quality sleep to each and every owner. If you can't decide which one you should get, we'll be happy to help you make that choice.

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