Who We Are

Salem is the leading mattress manufacturer in the country. Our Goal is to have a salem bed in every Filipino home, and we're proud to say that were getting there.

Salem's Roots

Best Known for mattresses that last for a good long time, Salem beds is practically a household name in the Philippines. From it's humble beginnings in a cramped quarters inside the founder, Tiu Kim Chuan's, La Loma, Quezon City home, Salem has now grown into a renowned bed and furniture manufacturer.

The Elephant of Comfort

<p>Launched in the 80s, Salem has really made its mark on the consumer market when it released its iconic Elephant commercials. With the help of a trained elephant, Salem was able to demonstrate the quality and integrity of their products. The elephant played, jumped, and slept on a Salem mattress, aptly showcasing the brand's capability to produce durable and dependable products.</p>