3 Reasons Why You Should Try to Learn to Fall Asleep Natural

January 21, 2019

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Today’s advances in technology prove to be both a blessing and curse to our sleep. It’s a blessing because there are now tons of different sleep aids that are scientifically proven to work. While not everyone finds every sleep aid effective, a lot of them prove to be reliable to a certain portion of the population. So even if they’re not the ultimate solution to sleeplessness, they still get to help some folks and that can be enough in many occasions.

It can also be a curse, on the other hand, because it tends to keep some people away from finding ways to naturally fall asleep. A lot of folks prefer to just opt for the easy way out of their predicament, so why not take advantage of the sleep apps, pills, and gadgets that are readily available in the market, right?

The thing is, while learning how to sleep naturally can be difficult, it’s still the best way to improve the overall quality of your zzz’s. Why? Here are a few reasons why you should re-consider using sleep aides:

Some sleeping pills can make you sleep through a fire alarm.

According to a study, some people can sleep through a fire alarm when they’re on certain prescription sleeping pills. Experts found out that the most common prescription sleeping pills contain ingredients that can turn off the brain’s intruder alert reaction. This makes it harder for sleepers to get roused by stimuli.

If you haven’t realized it yet, this can be a bad thing as it can put your safety at risk. A lot of things can happen in your sleep so it’s important that you can get woken up rather easily in times of such emergencies. Not being able to react right away when alerted during emergencies.

Some sleep aides lose their effectiveness after a while.

Another reason why it would be beneficial to learn how to fall asleep naturally is the fact that some sleep aides build tolerance. This is particularly true for sleeping pills as some of the most common active ingredients can build resistance over long-term use.

This is the very reason why, in many cases, a lot of them are only recommended to be used intermittently. A lot of them are not permanent solutions to one’s sleeplessness, so you’ll still get better results if you’ve worked on your sleep hygiene.

Some sleep tech won’t address sleep disorders.

It’s no secret that the sleep tech industry is definitely growing, most probably for its technologically-advanced solutions to a very basic and classic problem. However, it’s not always effective. Sure, some people benefit from tracking their sleep and learning more data about their shuteye but they don’t always translate to actual hours clocked in dreamland.

One of the main concerns about the use of sleep apps is that they don’t necessarily recognize sleep disorders. This is the very reason why they can’t be work in certain occasions because without recognizing the very thing that’s keeping you from sleeping well, they certainly won’t be able to fx your problem.

If you opt to sleep naturally you will still need to find out what’s been causing your sleeplessness. It’s really the only way to go about it but it’s also the most effective way to get the job done.

So if you really want to improve your zzz’s, trying to go about it with natural means is still highly recommended. In many cases, finding what could be costing you your sleep is the hardest part of the process. But once you’ve found what’s keeping you from falling asleep nightly, you might just be able to address it directly and quickly.

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