5 Sleep Tricks People Actually Use

March 06, 2017



We all know that sleep can be pretty elusive to a lot of people. So, what are you to do if you've already tried a lot of our tips and still find it really hard to sleep? You improvise. If our tips still haven't improved your sleep, here are ten weird ones that people actually use to force the Sandman to come.

1. One song on repeat.

This one guy plays a certain song on repeat as he goes to bed. After a while, he's out by the third intro. This works because it conditions your mind that when the specific song starts to play in your bedroom, it's already time for bed. 

2. Focus on relaxing every body part.

Doing this can take your mind off other things and can result to a more relaxed you, which can result in drifting off quite easily.

3. Slow breathing.

There are a few breathing techniques that you can do to fall asleep easily. However, following a few steps can be a bit too tedious for some. Besides, a slow breathing alone can already help slow down your pulse and relax you, so why not take the easier route?

4. Make your room pitch black dark.

Making your room dark is a classic trick to tell your body that it's nighttime and that you should already be falling asleep. However, our constant exposure to artificial light tends to affect our Circadian rhythm, leaving us wide awake even at the late hours of the day. To remedy this, make your room pitch dark and your body will surely switch to sleep mode.

5. Think that it's okay if you don't fall asleep, it's the lying down in the bed part that matters.

If you're the type of person who often gets stressed out by the mere idea of not getting enough sleep right when you can't fall asleep at night, you're just making things worse. The stress will cause a spike to your cortisol hormone production and you'll feel more awake. So, to remedy this, you should try some mind-conditioning tricks. Thinking that it's okay if you don't fall asleep right away or at all but just let yourself enjoy the fact that you're in a cozy bed instead can help because it will kick stress out of the bed. You'll fall asleep and feel more rested in the morning.

While you don't really get to "trick" the body to fall asleep instantly like those hypnotists do on TV, you can condition yourself to a bedtime with the right techniques and training. These five tricks prove that. You don't even have to try these five and you can even make your own personal trick as long as they help you relax and conditions you that when you get in bed, it's time to drift off to dreamland.

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