5 Ways to Relax Before Bed Time

August 01, 2016

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Winding down is a very important bed time activity. Doing this will help you calm your senses and let you relax better so you can doze off easier. But with your hectic schedule and action-packed days, sometimes winding down is an entirely challenging task on its own. So, how do you get yourself to calm down and be ready for zzz’s? Here are some tricks you can try.

Take time for some pillow talk with your significant other.

If you and your spouse or significant other go to bed at the same time, take a few minutes talking about anything. You can tell them what you’re worried about or detail the amusing things you saw during the day. Reconnecting with the person you love right before you fall asleep is a good way to wind down and be ready for sleep as it helps you unload your worries. Try not to get into an argument, though, as that will have the opposite effect to your goal.

Write down your worries on a journal.

If you’re more expressive in writing, you can always opt to write down the things that you’re worried about in a journal. If you have a lot of things to do the next day and you’re often fretting about forgetting something, jotting them down will help you feel like you’ve done something to take care of your worries, letting you calm down a bit. It will also help you remind yourself of the important details you shouldn’t forget for the next day. With this, sleep will come easier to you.


Meditating before bed is also a great way to get rid of your anxiety and tension that has been built up through the day. It helps you get a quiet time to yourself after a long day, letting you get in touch with yourself and be at your center again. Meditating before bed is best for those who spend their days busy with a lot of stressful tasks.


For a lot of people, praying is key to relax and calm themselves. By spending a few minutes in prayer, you can hash out all of your worries, anxiety, sadness, and disappointments, letting you feel better after. Some also feel more spiritual by doing this regularly, allowing them to be more in touch with their faith. In many cases, you can also feel safer and more in tune with your decisions and actions by adding this to your In any case, if you’re the spiritual kind, a meaningful prayer is always the bed time routine activity you shouldn’t miss.


According to experts, cuddling with a loved one releases the cuddle chemical known as the oxytocin. This hormone relieves pain and stress as well as boosts the immune system. It also helps you fall asleep faster, making cuddling the perfect bed time routine activity. Even if you just hug it out for ten minutes before turning your backs against each other to doze off, the short period of hugging will still let you enjoy a lot of health benefits.

These are just some of the easiest ways how you can relax and fall asleep better at night. Try them out tonight and start enjoying longer zzz’s.

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