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June 07, 2014

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ActiPro, in the simplest sense, is a treatment done to a fabric to improve its ability to stay clean and actively keep out harmful elements that are unwanted in a mattress. Through the employment of natural materials, it ensures that the fabric will keep its highly hygienic state.

The ActiPro Probiotic Fabric makes use of a specific kind of microflora that competes with unwanted pathogens and bacteria when it comes to feeding on the dust and debris commonly discarded on mattresses. By doing this, the good bacteria pushes out the bad bacteria through deprivation, leaving them no choice but to starve and die out. This is possible through the high number of the microflora, creating a tough competition for the harmful bacteria, flushing the latter out from the surface of the mattress eventually.

ActiPro is definitely a step up from other kinds of sanitizing methods used in fabrics as it makes use of live and natural ingredients in keeping the fabric free of unwanted germs and microorganisms. With the use of this technology, not only will you be assured that your new mattress is clean and hygienic, but you can also be guaranteed that it will stay in great shape for the longest time possible.

In order to maintain the great health of an ActiPro mattress, however, there are a few things an owner should keep in mind. First of all, washing the fabric using chemicals are highly discouraged, as it can kill the living microflora in the product. Airing it out and flipping the mattress around can also be of great help in keeping the mattress in top shape.

The Salem Elite collection features ActiPro Probiotic Fabric. Check out our different models to discover which one suits your needs best.

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