Bedroom Activities for the Rainy Days

July 08, 2015

bedroom activities

The Philippines is notorious not only for our awful traffic and grueling public transportation, but also for our rainy days that make everyone stay inside their homes and stay pretty much in bed the whole time. So, with the rainy season here, we might as well look for fun things to do with our loved ones when we can’t go out due to the pouring rain.

What to Do at Home While it Pours Outside

1. Have a movie marathon
movie + pizzavia

Turn on the laptop and turn off the lights: it’s movie time!

2. Create a fort
snuggle cavevia

Forts, a.k.a. snuggle caves, are fun ways to spend time and exercise creativity. It’s also a nice way to create a cozier space within your bedroom.

3. Read a book

For some quiet time, you can also crack open a book and lose yourself in it. Reading to your kids is also a great way to bond and enhance their knowledge at the same time.

4. Snuggle with the ones you love


Sure you guys snuggle all the time, especially at night when bed time comes. However, snuggling while whiling your time away is a lot different. The intimacy of  this activity can really strengthen bonds, as you’re not only physically intertwined but you can also use the time to talk.

5. Do some pillow talk

pillow talk

If you’re not too keen on talking while snuggled up, you can also just talk while facing each other in bed. Take the rainy day off to catch up with one another and you may be surprised at how much you haven’t told your spouse or kid because of your busy schedules.

6. Play some board games

For something exciting and stimulating without having to go anywhere, board games are some of the more excellent ways to spend time with your family. Just make sure to use a sturdy surface when playing on the bed, so your game won’t get all messed up every time someone tries to move on the bed.

7. Try some arts and crafts
Wallace & GromitCourtesy of Aardman Animations

Simple crafting activities like knitting or crocheting can be easily done while in bed. However, it’s not exactly something you do interactively with someone else, but if you and your loved ones enjoy these activities, you can always do it together.

8. Catch up on some sleep

If there’s no threat of flooding or any accidents that could happen while the rain pours, you can also use a rainy day off to catch up on some sleep. Tuck yourself in and spend the day snoozing away.

These are just some of the things you can do in your bedroom during the rainy days. If you have other suggestions, hit us up by leaving a comment below.

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