Bedtime Procrastination and How it Damages Your Health

November 19, 2014

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Bedtime procrastination, or what experts would describe as the habit of putting off sleep for no important reason to a later time instead of sticking to the intended schedule, is a harmful phenomenon that an increasing amount of people struggle with unwittingly. Most people are not exactly aware that moving their bedtime at a later hour can be bad for their health, which is why there is a growing concern about this behavior and why people should deal with it immediately.

Why You Procrastinate Even for Bedtime

For a lot of people, falling asleep as soon as they get the chance is a rare and amazing occurrence. This makes sleep more enjoyable, especially if you’ve just had a long day. However, according to a survey conducted by scientists from the Utrecht University in the Netherlands, subjects tend to put off sleep not because they want to, but because they do not want to stop doing whatever it is that’s keeping them awake.

The study’s lead researcher, Dr. Floor Kroese, says that this is because most folks have a problem with self-regulation. “As bedtime procrastination seems to be a self-regulation problem, we speculate that dealing with distractions (a typical case of self-regulation) would be one of the factors that could be related,” Kroese was quoted in this Time magazine article.

Bedtime Procrastination = Insomnia?

As bedtime procrastination is basically not falling asleep when you’re supposed to, some people tend to confuse it with insomnia. What should be clarified is that bedtime procrastination is simply not a manifestation of insomnia or a symptom of it. As mentioned earlier, this behavior is all about the individual’s desire to actually go to sleep and not his or her inability to doze off. Most folks who choose to put off their sleep doesn’t really have problems getting their shuteye; it’s just that they actually choose not to go to bed just yet for one reason or another.

Why Bedtime Procrastination is Bad for You

Procrastination is a bad habit that a large portion of our modern society has. It can be a waste of time and a great hindrance for productivity. However, when it comes to bedtime, it can get much worse. Putting off sleep can prevent you from getting adequate shuteye, which can lead to health complications that lack of sleep can bring.

If you’ve ever found yourself making excuses to put off sleep to a later time in the evening, you may want to find ways how you can drop your bedtime procrastination habit. Find the right bedtime for yourself and have the discipline to stick to your schedule for starters. Put away all electronic devices when your bedtime draws near and avoid books that are too gripping (or at least have the self-control to put it down when it’s time for you to drift off to sleep). And most importantly, close lay down and close your eyes come lights out. Stick to this routine and you’ll be able to get rid of your bedtime procrastination problem.

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