Ditta: Your Mid-Range Mattress of Choice

July 21, 2015

With Salem Bed’s wide range of products, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we offer different kinds of mattresses that will suit the various needs of our clients. We take in consideration the distinct preferences and requirements our consumers have, guaranteeing that whatever you’re sleep needs are, we can be of great help to you.

Here in our blog’s Product Suggestions category, we have already featured our low-priced and high-end suggestions, leaving a number of mid-range selections that are perfect for those who want to put a little bit more money in their sleep, but aren’t willing to splurge on a mattress just yet.

The Ditta is one of the classic Salem Bed models that you can opt for. A tried and tested mattress, it has been around for decades, assuring you that this model is one of the most trusted and preferred by numerous households in the country.

Salem bed Top of the Line ditta

What makes the Ditta special is that it has everything you need. It’s simplicity makes it the perfect sleeping surface, as it’s fuss free design will ensure that you will drift off to dreamland without any hassle. With a tight plush top, Bonnel spring, medium density foam layers, and a mattress height of 8.5″, the Ditta feels luxurious without having to shell out as much. It also comes with a 3-year warranty, guaranteeing unparalleled quality that you can only get from Salem Beds.

Buy the Ditta mattress here.

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