Easy Stretching Exercises for Better Sleep

January 14, 2015


A lot of people find it so difficult to fall asleep every night. This can be caused by a plethora of reasons – from their diet to their lifestyle in general. However, you should never lose hope and succumb to a life of sleep deprivation as there are ways how you can deal with sleeplessness.

One of the techniques experts suggest when it comes to dealing with sleep deprivation is to do some stretching. If you are familiar with yoga, you will know what stretching can do for your relaxation and calmness. Applying the idea of yoga to your battle against your sleeping issues is a great way to tackle the problem head on, as it is a healthy and easy method that you can try.

To help you out, we’ve searched for five of the easiest stretches that you can carefully try at home to help improve your slumber.

1. Legs Up The Wall  or Viparita Karani

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Perfect for those who have lower back pains, this stretch is fairly easy. Sit your tailbone close to the wall and stay in position for up to five minutes to achieve a soothing effect. It can also drain lactic acid from your legs, making you feel more relaxed as you drift off to sleep.

2. Child’s Pose or Balasana

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To help release the tension on your lower back, the Child’s Pose is a great stretch that you can hold for as long as you like. With arms on your side or extended to your front like in the photo above, sit on your heels with your shins resting comfortably on your bed. Fold your body over your thighs and relax.

3. Easy Forward Bend or the Sukhasana Forward Bend

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A variation of the Sukhasana, the Easy Forward Bend is a lot like the Child’s Pose, except for the sitting position where you’ll have to start with your legs crossed and your bottom touching the bed surface or floor. You will then fold forward with both arms extended above your head. Like the others on this list, it is an easy stretch that can open the hips and release the body’s accumulated tension.

4. Corpse Pose or Savasana

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Possibly the easiest stretch there is in this list, the Corpse is basically lying flat on your back with your limbs spread slightly apart. The key here is to fully relax by focusing on your breathing. The Corpse pose will ready you to sleep, as long as you free your mind of the day’s worries.

5. Reclining Butterfly or Supta Baddha Konasana

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Another stretch that can help release stress is the Reclining Butterfly pose, where you will bring your feet together, with the undersides touching each other and putting your legs into a diamond shape. If you feel like you’re going to stress your lower back from this pose, you can also cushion the area with some folded blanket or a pillow.


Just remember to do these stretches carefully as moving to rashly may hurt you. Also, ensure that you’re going to rest on a comfortable bed, as your mattress could also be the root cause for your sleeplessness. Pair these techniques with the perfect Salem bed for your needs and preferences and you’ll surely sleep soundly without a fuss.

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