Eco-friendly and Affordable: The Salem Bed R Foam

August 06, 2015


If you’re both eco and budget conscious, finding a good quality mattress that suits your requirements can be a big challenge. As most eco-friendly mattresses are made with imported natural materials, there’s hardly anything available for the lower budget market. However, did you know that these products are not your only options?

One of the latest additions in Salem Bed’s roster of products is the R Foam. Made from rebonded foam using trimmings from other foam products, it maximizes the materials used in producing high quality mattresses and minimizes waste. With the help of high grade adhesive products and a rigorous research and development process, the R Foam is certainly an eco-conscious and budget-friendly product.

The R Foam is available in 30×75, Single, Semi-Double, Double, and Queen sizes in 2″ and 4″ variations. For prices and ordering, visit our website by clicking here.

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