Experts Say Teenagers Need to Sleep In

October 23, 2018


A child’s teenage years are some of the most challenging times for a lot of parents. Not only do their moodiness can get even the most patient parents pulling out their hair but it’s also the time when a lot of significant changes in the body will take place.

With hormones and growth spurts also comes a shift in a child’s body clock. While they will still need more hours of zzz’s (about 8.5 to 9.25 hours, according to experts) they will also turn into night owls. So the reason behind your kid staying up til the wee hours isn’t always just so they can stay longer on their phones or computer, it’s actually how their bodies react to how the brain changes its reaction to light.

Their phones and computers aren’t entirely blameless, though. Technology is still a common reason why teenagers stay up late but it can also be more of a response to not feeling sleepy just yet. They just happened to keep them occupied while they wait for the Sandman to come around.

Being night owls, sleepiness will come late to teenagers. With the current school schedule most of them work with, this means that they’re not getting enough zzz’s to meet their daily requirements. This can then be detrimental to their health and development since sleep is one of the most important element of one’s health.

What’s a parent like you should do, then? Teenagers are seriously racking up tons of sleep debt since a lot of them have to wake up very early to go to school. In fact, some local public schools in major cities start classes at 6 am, so it won’t be surprising that a teenager might only get about 3-5 hours of sleep on weekdays if they’re lucky.

Switching schools would be too drastic a move, so that’s out of the question. Should you let them sleep in during the weekends? Maybe, as this can help them catch up with their sleep. However, this can screw up their internal body clock even further, so we don’t want to recommend it. You can let them go back to bed later in the morning or after lunch, though. Letting them nap for an hour or two might also help them pay off some of their sleep debt. Just don’t let them sleep later than 3 pm, though, as that can mess with their bedtime the following evening.

Sleep can really be a tricky thing for everyone. The variables involved in the process are also very hard to control. The only thing you can really do is to make sure that your child is comfortable as they sleep. And for that, you can always turn to Salem Bed. Check out our selection here and you might just be able to help your teenager sleep better.

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