Feature Highlight: Theraposture

June 26, 2014


Most people believe that a soft mattress is all you need if you want a good night’s sleep. While this is largely true, there’s a lot more to a mattress than just being soft, as softness does not necessarily equate with comfort in certain cases. In some occasions, being soft means the mattress lacks the capability to provide ample back support, which is important for sleepers who suffer from back problems.

If you’re having issues with your back, one good solution will be to use Orthopedic mattresses. These products are designed to provide proper back support, preventing body aches and pains. The only issue with Orthopedic mattresses is that they can be quite expensive. They also tend to come in a limited variety, leaving you with just a few options.

Theraposture is Salem’s answer to the Orthopedic mattress. Like the Orthopedic mattresses, Theraposture offers proper back support, as it is designed to follow the contours of the body. With a goal of providing rest to the spinal column, Theraposture aims to create a healthy, good night’s sleep.

While Orthopedic mattresses come typically in very firm varieties, Salem beds’ Theraposture mattresses come in a wide range of softness and firmness, which will surely fit your needs and requirements. Employed in several of our high end pieces, including the Elite, as well as select Renascence and La Memoire mattresses, you can choose from a vast array of products to ensure a deep and satisfying slumber.

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