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April 07, 2014


In a tropical country like the Philippines, the temperature can get pretty stable. Our temperatures usually stay around the 20 degrees range, only climbing to the 30s during the summer months. This makes air conditioners and electric fans some of the most commonly used electronic appliances in local households, and memory foams among the most highly doubted mattress types in the market.

As most people will know, mattresses and other cushioning products tend to absorb the body heat of the person laying on them. This gets the items quite balmy after a time, which can be uncomfortable for some. Especially when it comes to old generation memory foams, the mattresses can really get warm after a few hours of lying on it.

To avoid this, Salem has created a new formulation of memory foams. These improved products promise excellent temperature regulation, so the mattress won’t get too soft when it’s really hot out and won’t get too hard when the temperature drops. It also creates a stable temperature for the sleeper, so a heated mattress won’t disturb your slumber.

As an alternative to new generation memory foams, though, the Thermic Thermal Intelligent Comfort function has been employed by Salem for select items. As other foam products can also get heated after being in use for a long period of time, relieving the sleeper from too much heat is a desired comfort by many. With Thermic, maintaining your bed’s ideal temperature can be done more easily.

Salem’s Thermic function makes use of PCMs or Phase Change Materials, which are capable of adjusting to the temperature. Like water and ice, the PCMs can turn itself into a solid or liquid state, depending on the environment’s temperature, allowing it to absorb or emit heat as necessary. This allows the PCMs to be able to create an ideal micro climate, creating a continuous slumber when used in mattresses.

Especially in a tropical country like ours, the temperatures throughout the night typically fluctuates from something toasty to a chilling low. With a Thermic treated mattress from Salem beds, you can at least get a temperate surface to lie on, eliminating a possible hindrance in achieving high quality sleep.


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