Girl, You Need More Sleep

November 09, 2015

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It’s no surprise that people can get grumpy in the morning, especially if they have been oh so rudely woken up by the alarm clock. The disorientation alone from being snatched in the midst of your slumber can be annoying enough, aside from the fact that lack of sleep may leave you wanting more of those mood-boosting zzz’s.

However, did you know that women actually wakes up grumpier when they didn’t get enough shuteye? According to the National Sleep Foundation, women need at least 20 minutes more of sleep than men. This is due to the fact that women multi-task more and make use of their brains than men, making them need more restorative sleep. According to expert, Dr. Jim Horne, a leading sleep science specialist in the UK,  multi-tasking tend to make use of our brains more than the usual. And since sleep helps the brain recover and repair itself, it is the perfect time for multi-taskers to recuperate.

This isn’t saying that men doesn’t make use of their actual brain, though, as those who have complex jobs that entail a lot of decision-making and lateral thinking will also require more sleep than the average person. It’s just that women are more likely to multi-task – especially those who juggle healthy work and family lives.

So, if you’re someone who regularly takes on multiple tasks all at once, you may need to clock in some extra zzz’s. This way, you can ensure that you’re helping your body to get in the best shape possible.

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