High or Low: A Guide to Bed Heights

December 08, 2014

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Next to the firmness of the mattress, bed height is another thing you should focus on. It can easily make or break the look of your interiors, as well as determine your ultimate comfort. Your bed’s height factors in the comfort of your bed, so choosing the right set up is essential.

To help you out learn more about the different bed heights available to you, here are some pros and cons of the typical bed set ups available today.

Low beds

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Low beds are all the rage today, as it is minimalist and can make a room look bigger. It can be done either by having just your mattress on the floor, or by getting a low bedframe that is only a few inches off the ground.

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While low beds look amazing, there are also a few down sides to it. For one, it is really low, like only a few inches high from the floor low. So, if you find it difficult to crouch down and to stand up from sitting on the floor, it might not be a great option for you. Aging sleepers will particularly find this set up tedious and unattractive. It also doesn’t offer a lot of storage space, since it’ll be taking as much room in the floor as possible.

Knee-level or 16-24″ off the floor

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If you’re not too keen on something modern, a regular bed is always a good idea. These traditional beds typically come in knee height or sixteen to twenty-four inches off the floor, making it easier to get in as it doesn’t require too much effort to bend your knees and lift your leg a little to climb in.

There are lots of options when it comes to traditional beds, making it an easy option for many households. For one, you can get a regular bed frame, which comes in all colors, shapes, designs, and sizes, allowing you the freedom you want in decorating your home.

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Nowadays, there are two most popular bases for mattresses. One is the traditional box spring or bed box, while the other are the prevalent slat beds. Box springs or bed boxes are the solid platform bases used for mattresses made with wood and an inner spring system. It offers support to the mattress as well as serves as a shock absorber, minimizing the wear and tear for your mattress. The downside, though, is that it doesn’t really give storage space under the bed as it lies flat on the floor. However, you can also resolve this by putting some legs on your box spring. Just make sure that it’s sturdy and stable.

Slat beds, on the other hand, are bed frames with slats to support the mattress. Unlike spring boxes, it doesn’t offer the same amount of support to the mattress as it distributes the weight instead. The great thing about slat frames is that they are normally cheaper than box spring units, as they require less materials to make. They can also be more space-friendly, since you can easily stow things under the bed. It also allows your mattress to breathe, as the open slats welcome air flow. The only downside, though is that, depending on the quality of the material and craftsmanship of the slat bed, it might not be able to perform as well as box springs in the long run.

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Knee level or 16-24″ used to be what most people consider as the ideal height for beds. Nowadays, however, it’s not necessarily so. Most people believe that as long as you’re comfortable and are not having any issues with your bed, you got the “ideal” height for your bed.

Bunk beds and loft beds

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For  those who need to maximize their limited floor area, higher beds can be very ideal. This is why bunk and loft beds are also gaining a lot of buzz as of late, as they make use of vertical space without a fuss. Depending on the purpose, loft beds can go as high as six feet or more, allowing more uses for the space below for other purposes and activities.

The only downside with bunk and loft beds is that they may not exactly be ideal for older sleepers. However, if you’re young and restless, these can be some of the best options available.

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Of course, there are other beds that will not fit into these categories, but since these are the most common, it can help you get a good idea about which beds you can try and get in the market today. Just make sure you pair it with Salem beds, so you can get the comfort you deserve.

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