Holiday Gift Ideas for Sleepyheads

December 01, 2014

sleepyhead gift ideas

With the holiday season quickly approaching, the rush to find the best gifts for your loved ones may be the most pressing task you have right now. The thing, however, with gift giving is that it can be very challenging. Coming up with gift ideas and actually finding them is surely taxing, so most people needs all the help they can get.

If you have a few sleepers on your list, we may be able to help you find gifts for them this holiday season. Here’s a list of gift suggestions you can give to your loved ones who appreciates sleeping:

1. A new mattress.

salem beds sleepyhead gift ideas

Salem bed’s Magnifique mattress

Perfect for those who are feeling generous or are planning to reward themselves or their loved ones, a new mattress for the Yuletide season will let you welcome the new year in comfort.

2. A new travel mattress.

salem beds sleepyhead gift ideas

Salem bed’s Flip Tough mattress

A portable mattress is also a great gift idea, especially if your receiver likes driving long distance and couch surfs a lot. This way, you can give them comfort wherever they may be.

3. Blankets.

salem beds sleepyhead gift ideas

Blankets are great gifts because not only are they capable of keeping your loved one warm through the cold nights the holiday season comes with, but they are also highly symbolic. Some people give blankets so the receiver will always feel warm and comforted, even while the giver is away. Others also associate it with love and companionship, making it a sweet gesture to give blankets as gifts.

4. Eye mask and other sleep accessories.

salem beds sleepyhead gift ideas

For something more budget friendly, sleep accessories like eyemasks, slippers, bonnets, and ear plugs are also perfect choices for your sleep-loving buddy. These items can help boost their slumber and make dozing off easier without having to spend a lot.

5. Bed clothes.

salem beds sleepyheads gift ideas

Want to make sure someone gets a great good night’s sleep but is still working with a limited budget? Why not pickup a bed clothes set or two? Help them dress up their bed and add some comfort to their nights with a nice set of cozy linens.

6. Alarm clock.

salem beds sleepyhead gift ideas

If your sleeper friend/loved one enjoys sleeping to a point that they are always late in the mornings, a nice alarm clock can be a great gift that you can give them. With the wide range of products available in the market today, you’re sure to find something that will suit their preferences, interests, and interior design themes.

7. Teas.

salem beds sleepyhead gift ideas

Sometimes, people have a heard time dozing off because of they can’t shake off the stress and intensity the whole day has brought. A nice cup of soothing tea can help, though. So, if you know someone who can make use of a nightly sleepy time tea drink, a box of the finest infusions could be the perfect gift there is.

8. Pillows.

salem beds sleepy head gift ideas

Sleepyheads will also thoroughly enjoy quality pillows, so why not give them some as well? Pillows are basically items of comfort that you can lug around, making them perfect for those buddies who can fall asleep anywhere as long as their heads have proper support. You gift may not be necessary for their sleep, but it will surely make it comfortable.

9. PJs.

salem beds sleepy head gift ideas

Sleepwear come in a very wide array of themes, colors, designs, and styles, making it the perfect choice for gifts to sleep lovers. You can find elegant, humorous, sexy, geeky, cute, and many other kinds of pajamas that will suit your receiver’s wants and needs without a fuss, easily solving your needs for a great holiday gift.

10. Oils, candles, or incense that promote sleep.

salem beds sleepyhead gift ideas

Aside from a cup of sleepy time tea, there are other products that can also help you relax and settle into a good night’s sleep. If you know someone who is particularly fond of burning soothing oils, incense, and candles so they can drift off to sleep easier, why not find them a great smelling variety and give them the gift of a good night’s sleep this holiday season.


Hopefully our list of suggestions help you out in making your holiday gift giving tradition a lot easier and hassle free. Give the gift of sleep and comfort for the holidays, and you can be sure that the people you’ve been generous to will appreciate your warm thoughts and sweet gestures without a doubt.

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