New Mattress = Better Relationship? Here's How it Works

February 13, 2017


The love month makes a lot of couples look at their relationships and look for ways how to improve it. If you're not the kind of couple who likes to battle the Metro's traffic on the 14th to do something romantic, we have an excellent alternative for you: get a new Salem Bed.

So buying a new mattress may not scream romance, but it actually can help improve your relationship just as well as a romantic dinner would. How? Here are three ways:

Better Rest = Good Mood, Better Decision Making

A new mattress always brings in better rest, especially if you bought the right fit for your needs and preferences. And as you would know, getting enough and better quality zzz's can improve your mood and decision making in the long run. With more zzz's, you get to feel well-rested and your cortisol (stress hormones) will be at a tolerable amount, letting you be in a great mood most of the day. It also helps your brain be at its top shape. This allows you to make decisions easily. No more arguing about where to grab dinner! 

Less Sleep Disturbance can Lead to Better Sleep

A sagging, filthy, and overall uncomfortable old mattress can easily disturb your sleep. This can lead to poor quality slumber, which can affect your mood, health, and brain functioning. You'll get more irritable and blow up even the tiniest annoyances you find in your partner. A new mattress can get rid of all of those issues and give you a much better rest.

No One will Want to Get Out of It

With such a cozy mattress, who would want to get out of it? Add to  this the great bonus of getting to cuddle comfortably with your significant other and you'll be spending lots of time in bed doing nothing and everything at the same time, Just make sure to keep work away from the bed, though, so you can always just associate the space with comfort, relaxation, and romance.

happy couple 2

If you ask us, getting a new mattress for V-day can be a more long-term investment for your relationship. With so many benefits it can bring, it may just be the very thing you're looking for to add more fuel to your romance. Just make sure to choose a mattress that suits both of your preferences so no one has to compromise over comfort.

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