How Awesome Sleep Is!

July 09, 2015

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If you’ve been enjoying catching up on some zzz’s lately – thanks to the colder weather – you might be feeling some improvements in your body. Sleep offer a wide variety of benefits, including the following:

1. With enough zzzs, you’re more alert and your brain can function better.

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Ever noticed that when you didn’t get enough sleep you’re more likely to make mistakes at work? Or have you ever paid attention at how bad your decisions are when you lack some shuteye? This is mostly because sleep affects the brain greatly, so getting enough zzz’s guarantee better brain functioning.

According to reports, if you were able to get the right amount of sleep your body needs, you’ll most likely have better concentration, better memory, higher creativity, and even the ability to make sound decisions. While you’re asleep, your brain engages in various significant processes that allow it to function better while you’re awake. This makes a good night's sleep an essential part of your routine, as it can really make or break your day.

2. Sleep can make you lose weight.

If you’ve been slaving away at the gym so you can shed some pounds off, you may want to look into your sleeping habits as well. According to some studies, sleep is actually essential to weight loss as ample zzz’s will help you stay away from food cravings that have high sugar and sodium levels – both of which are guilty parties in unhealthy weight gain.

These cravings from lack of sleep are especially hard to resist, as they are our brain’s reaction to junk foods. Coupled with the inability to make sound decisions that sleeplessness is also known for, these cravings totally spell disaster for those who are trying to slim down. With these two forces pushing you to munch down that chocolate bar, you’re easily trapped in a vicious cycle of eating a lot of greasy and sweet foods to compensate for the lack of energy you’re experiencing and then trying to burn them all off in one go, which leaves you with even less energy for the rest of the day. Once you think about it this way, it’s amazing how ample shuteye can easily solve these seemingly complicated problems.

3. Good sleeping habits can also result to improved physical performance.

With ample sleep means you have the energy to take on the day. It’s really simple how sleep can improve your physical performance, so this one should be a no-brainer. Aside from the ability to perform better, having ample shuteye also benefits those who are building muscles and training for more rigorous exercises.

4. Sleep can make your skin and hair better.

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When you haven’t been sleeping well, it definitely shows in your appearance. Aside from the obvious constant yawning and stretching you tend to do when you haven’t gotten enough shuteye, it also shows through your complexion and your hair.

According to reports, beauty sleep does exist. As lack of sleep tend to cause blood vessels to dilate, this typically results to having dark circles around your eyes. Not sleeping enough also prevents your hair and skin to repair, renew, and regenerate, leaving it sagging and lackluster.

5. Ample sleep can help lower risks of serious illnesses and improve your immune system.

Sleep is one of the most accessible option when it comes to trying to improve your overall health and lowering your risks of developing serious illnesses. With sleep being one of the most restorative activities there is, it’s no wonder that it is being linked to reducing the possibilities of having severe health issues.

Some attribute sleep’s disease fighting powers to the hormone melatonin (produced by ample amount of sleep) while others thank sleep’s anti inflammatory capabilities in keeping the body in good shape. Whatever the cause is, it is now believed that enough shuteye can help lower risks of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and other grave diseases.

6. You’re more likely to have a better mood if you have enough sleep, and more sleep = less stress.

With less sleep, you’re more tired, which causes you to be more irritable and cranky. With ample shuteye, you get to be at your top shape, preventing you from having a meltdown in case nothing goes your way on a highly stressful day.

7. You can spend less on coffee and you can stop yourself from falling asleep on your desk.

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Just imagine how great it is to cut down on your coffee consumption and ensure that you’re not going to get caught napping while at work! These may be pretty simple reasons why sleep is awesome, but they totally matter in the long run if you think about it.

Pair your sleep with a good mattress like a quality Salem Bed and you’ll surely get to enjoy more benefits of sleep. With all these wonderful things waiting for you if you just give sleep a chance, what’s holding you back from having a better sleeping habit?

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