How to Have a Thrifty Weekend

December 12, 2014

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It’s the weekend once again and you might be thinking of ways how to spend it without spending too much cash. Most households are anticipating bigger expenses with the quick approach of the holidays, so thinking of ways how to bond with the family without shelling out money would be a great and thrifty alternative to all of the mall sales and events taking place this weekend.

So, how are you going to spend the weekend without cashing out at the mall? Here are some of our suggestions:

1. Go on a picnic at your local/village park.

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In the flurry of the holiday preparations and attending events here and there, you may be missing out on some quality time with your family. This weekend, why not take a break and just chill together at your local park? Try doing some old school bonding, like flying kites, playing taguan or patintero, or just enjoy some isaw and sorbetes as a family.

2. Movie marathon over the weekend.

If you really want to minimize your spending over the weekend, you can always stay at home and spend your time on a movie marathon. Watch sagas and trilogies non-stop and enjoy a whole weekend of family bonding for less!

3. Catch up on some sleep.


This may not exactly spell fun for many, but hey, if you really want to cut costs this weekend, why not try catching on some sleep? Who knows, this might be your last chance to bank some hours of shuteye before the holidays arrive.

4. Make doing chores fun.

For many households, weekends are for chores. Of course, this is also a very thrifty way to spend your days off, as well as have some quality time with your loved ones. You can always work on some home projects together to make the task lighter as well as teach a thing or two to your little ones. You can also try making chores more fun through a friendly competition and an exciting reward system.

5. Focus on some home improvement projects you’ve been setting aside for quite a while now.

Is there a home improvement project you’re trying to do but never got around to actually working on it? Why not focus on it this weekend and make it a family project? Get those kids cutting, gluing, painting, scrubbing, or spraying with a nice meryenda or dinner as a reward.

6. Try out some new dishes that you can serve on the holidays for guests.

Hosting a family get together over the holidays? This weekend may just be the best time to try out new recipes you’ve found online for your Yule tide feast! Clock in some time in the kitchen and churn out some delicious meals that your family can enjoy.

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These are just some of the easiest things that you can try this weekend without spending too much and missing out on opportunities in making some memories together with your loved ones. As the year comes to an end, it is the perfect time to catch up with your loved ones and spend some alone time with your immediate family before you meet every relative for the holidays. It is also the best chance to get some rest and prepare yourself for the hectic weeks coming ahead.

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