How to Shop for the Best Bed Sheets

November 16, 2015

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When it comes to a good night’s sleep, how you dress your mattress also matters. Sure, a comfortable and quality mattress will lull you to deep slumber, but a scratchy bed sheet or a inadequate blanket will surely disturb your zzz’s. This is why choosing your linens is essential – as they also contribute to a comfortable sleep. However, with the wide range of options available today, it may be a bit overwhelming to start investing in your bed sheets without knowing which one to go for.

So, to help you out, here are some tips you may find helpful in your search for the perfect bed sheets.

Get to know your options.

There are tons of different types of bed clothes that you can choose from – ranging from budget to luxury and made in almost every fabric imaginable. This is why you need to know which kinds feel great, because not everyone will help you doze off.

Silk and cotton are among the most popular and preferred materials for beddings. They’re soft and cool, guaranteeing comfort all through the night.

Experts say that 400 thread count is the most ideal for beddings and your budget.

Most people think that thread counts determine the softness and quality of beddings, as the higher the thread count, the softer the item supposedly is. However, according to experts, this isn’t always the case. Some pieces that have high thread count tend to use additional materials and finishes that alter the feel of the initial material. This also makes it possible for the beddings to lose its softness over time, once the finish and treatments have already worn out.

This is why experts suggest that a 400 thread count bedding made from real Egyptian cotton as the most ideal option for those who want the best beddings for their homes.

There’s nothing wrong in purchasing any kind of brand, as long as they’re reputable and they use high quality materials.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. However, with ample research, you can be sure to find a great product without breaking the bank. The trick here is to know which materials are used in the item. 100% anything is still the best choice for beddings, as it will provide consistent feel and comfort.

fresh bed sheets

Always wash your sheets diligently and always wash them before initial use.

How you wash your sheets also affect the comfort of your zzz’s. Ideally, you should wash and change your bed clothes every 7-10 days to ensure proper hygiene. Otherwise, it can get itchy and gross.

Washing your sheets before first use is also very important as there are possible irritants and chemicals in the packaging that can cause you great discomfort during sleep. If you can wash it twice before using it, the better chances you have in getting rid of the irritants that may be present in the new beddings.

Buy new beddings every 18-24 months.

Like clothes made from cotton, beddings can get worn out through time. Replacing them every few years will always give you a great way to feel fresh and comfy.

Or buy new pillowcases periodically as a more cost-efficient alternative.

If you’re not too keen on replacing your beddings so soon, you can at least get new pillowcases every few months. It’s cheaper and will let you enjoy the feel of crisp new linens for a fraction of the price.


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