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May 28, 2015

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To make shopping for Salem Beds a lot easier and more convenient, we have decided to run our very own e-commerce services here at If you're keen on purchasing a new Salem product directly from us, this tool is one of the handiest you'll find anywhere.

To help you get started, below is a step-by-step guide in how you can shop for a new Salem Bed through our website.


1. Go to to get started. 

01 home

2. Sign up

014 Register

You can get to the registration page in two easy ways:

  • By choosing an item and clicking "Proceed to Checkout' while you're still not a registered user of the page, or
  • Clicking on the 'My Account' link on the upper right corner of the page.

3. Once you're done filling the form, click 'Submit'.

015 register 2

A note will appear if your registration has been successful. It will then tell you to check your email to validate your registration.

016 Registration Successful

4. You'll next need to check your email's inbox and look for's message. 

017 order

018 email verification

Make sure to click on the validation link in the email, so you can be redirected to this:

019 validation

You will also receive another email in your inbox, congratulating you in validating your email address.

020 Validation successful

With this, you're already registered and can now log in and purchase from the website. 


 After logging in, you will be directed to your account's dashboard page.

021 account

Enter your information in the profile form and hit 'Submit'.

022 profile 

You can also click on the 'Previous Orders' link to see your previous selections, whether they have been completed or not. This can be a very handy tool in reviewing what your choices are and can be used to resume a previous shopping session that did not push through.

Once you're done with your account and profile, you can now start shopping.


1. Click on the "Products" link.

02 Click Products

2. Proceed to the Products page.

03 Products page

You can browse a wide collection of Salem mattresses and bed accessories in the Products page. If you have specific preferences, you can also narrow down your options by using the drop down menus at the top of the page.

05 Drop down type04 drop down size

Upon selecting your specifications, you can then click search and a narrowed down listing will then appear.

3. Select the product you're interested in.

06 Product listing

In each product listing page, you'll find product descriptions, including it's specifications and sizes. You can also find the products' prices on the page upon clicking on the size you're interested in.

07 size price

4. Once you've selected the size you want, you can now add the item to your cart. A prompt will pop up to let you know whether you've added the item to your cart successfully.

08 added to cart

Once this prompt shows up, you can then proceed to checkout and finish shopping or click continue shopping so you can be brought back to the products page. You can also click on the 'x' to close the dialogue box and stay on the product listing page. If you wish to continue shopping and look for additional items to buy, start step #1 again.

4. Review Cart

At any time during your shopping session, you can check your cart and review the items in it.

09 my cart

Here, you can see the list of the items you've chosen and remove the once you've initially picked out but are not too keen on buying anymore. Once you're ready to finish your shopping session, you should then click 'Proceed to Checkout', if you're not done yet, you can click on 'Go back to Products' to be redirected back to the Products page.

5. Check Out

To finish your order, you first have to click 'Proceed to Checkout'. 

010 checkout

Upon arriving at the Checkout page, you'll find the payment options available. Currently, we're only offering payments through bank deposit (Metrobank). The bank details are listed in this page, so make sure to take note.

Right below the bank details is where you should put in your shipping details. If you already filled out your account's profile, you can opt to click on the 'Use Registered Shipping Address' option and be done with it. If you haven't completed the profile yet, then you will need to uncheck the box and fill out the Shipping Address form.

011 shipping address

Right below the Shipping information form, you'll find your cart again. This will let you review the items you've picked out and will display your total bill.

012 review cart


To continue to Checkout, you will first need to agree with the site's Terms & Conditions by checking the box.

013 thank you

6. Check your e-mail.

Once you've clicked the "Checkout' box, you're pretty much done with the shopping process already. Please expect a confirmation email regarding your order. This email will also tell you what to do next, as well as give you an invoice for your order, so you know how much you have to pay/deposit.

024 order confirmation email025 order confirmation email 2

As we only accept bank deposits right now, the next step in the process would be to head to a Metrobank branch near you and deposit the total payable amount. Make sure to keep your receipts and deposit slip, as these will serve as your proofs of payment.

7. Payment Confirmation

Once payment has been deposited, confirming your deposit is the next step in the process. To do this, click on the 'My Account' link on the upper right corner of the page to be redirected to your profile. If you've already finished checking out your order, your account will look like this:

023 enter payment

Click on the 'Enter Payment Details' and a dialogue box like this will pop up. You will then enter the necessary information, as well as upload a photo of your deposit slip.

026 enter payment details

After you have uploaded your deposit slip, the processing of your order will start. You can expect another email confirming the processing of your order.

027 order confirmation

8. Enter Location Details

Entering your location details is a necessary step in completing your order. This step replaces the sketch form you will be filling out when purchasing in store, and will help our delivery team locate your delivery address easier and faster for a more hassle-free shipping.

028 select location

Click on the "Select Location on Map' button and a dialogue box will appear featuring a map.

029 location

Locate your shipping address on the map. Please try to be as accurate as you can, as this will be used as a guide by our team in finding your delivery area. Once you have selected your location, click 'Store Location' and you're good to go.

9. Delivery

After we have processed your order, you can expect another email containing your delivery schedule.

030 shipment update

Once you've received this email, all you need to do now is kick back and wait for the scheduled date. Please make sure that someone is home on the delivery day, so someone can receive your shipment on your scheduled date. This can also prevent delays and ensure that you will get your product without any hassles.

If you have any other questions, you can send us a message through our Contact page, or call us through our hotline at (02) 4320562.

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