Tricks in Napping and Sleeping In

June 11, 2018

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With how the two holidays this week are placed, a lot of people might prefer to just stay home rather than go for a short vacation. And without schedules to force you to get up early, it's highly likely that most of us are going to take this chance to catch up on some zzz's. If this is also what you have in mind, then, good for you! With a large chunk of the population being sleep-deprived, getting some extra zzz's might help out your health.

However, catching up on zzz's always poses the risk of you messing up your sleep cycle. This is why you have to be wise in how you execute your plans on the extra days off you have this week. You can't just spend the whole day asleep and then hope to sleep easily when your bedtime rolls around.

So how do you get to get some extra zzz's 

1. Limit your extra zzz's to up to 90 minutes only.

As we've mentioned before, different sleep lengths will allow you to reach various sleep stages. The ideal length of a power nap is 20 to 30 minutes as it will be just enough to get you some rest without letting you enter the deeper stages of zzz's only to disrupt it later on. If you want a more restorative nap, though, sleep for 90 minutes. This will already let you complete a full sleep cycle. You're sure to wake up well-rested and alert by then instead of groggy and disoriented.

2. Wake up on the usual time you get up and just go back to sleep later on.

One of the best things about our internal clocks is that it will always wake us up in our usual wake up time. This makes it easier for most of us to get out of bed in the morning. 

If your body is already used to such, make sure to still wake up at the same time you usually get up. Such a small deed can already do wonders to your internal clock, even if you intend to go back to sleep again later on.

3. Do not take your nap late in the afternoon.

This is another crucial tip that you shouldn't forget if you want to catch up on sleep this weekend: do not take your nap later than 3 pm. This will keep you from falling asleep at your usual bedtime.

Stick with these three tips and you can be guaranteed to get more zzz's without hurting your Circadian rhythm.

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