Maybe It’s Time to Replace Your Sofa

April 20, 2016

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Aside from beds, sofas are also among the top comfort providers in every home. They’re also typically considered as big ticket purchases, which is why for most households, sofas should last a long time. But, like other furniture that gets a lot of use over time, you should know when to swap your old couch for a new one.

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So, how do you know if it’s the right time to get a new sofa? Here are the top signs:

1. The materials are already falling apart.

If your couch is already full of tears and patches, accompanied with some foam spilling out and spring peeking, you should definitely toss it to the curb and get a new one. Especially if it doesn’t have an inner frame that you can still salvage and have reupholstered, sofas that are literally falling apart should already be replaced.

2. The frame is starting to warp.

If your couch is already losing its original shape, then it’s high time you should get a replacement sofa. A misshapen couch wouldn’t have the right support and could break any time. This makes it perfectly unsafe for your family, so replacing it with a new one is important.

3. It doesn’t fit the new home you’re moving into.

If you’re moving to a smaller property like a condo or apartment, bulky sofas may not literally fit into the small space. Especially if your new home is in a high rise building, maneuvering a large object in its utility areas may be impossible. Getting a new one could be a lot easier option in cases like this.

4. Deep cleaning won’t thoroughly clean it anymore.

Through the years, your sofa may experience different ways of use. It may cause stains and dirts that are hard to clean and remove, not to mention accumulated dust and possible molding. If this is the case, maybe it’s better if you just replace your old couch with a new one. It could even help lessen allergic reactions and illnesses in your home.

Salem Bed's Ashford Sofa

Salem Bed’s Ashford Sofa

With Salem Bed’s new sofa collection, you can now replace your old sofa with a product that you can be sure to last a long time. Made with the same expertise as our mattresses, our sofa collection will surely stand the test of time and provide you the comfort you need.

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