Meet Your Sleep Deprived Brain

June 02, 2015

sleep deprived brain

Sleep deprivation is a common problem nowadays. What with all of the things you have to do, coupled with your daily commute and a wide array of distractions, losing sleep is as common as complaining about the Philippines’ summer heat.

As common as it is, sleep deprivation is already becoming a norm among the populace. This makes it seem like it’s okay to lack sleep on a regular basis, since every body else sleep as little as you do or even worse.

The thing is, it’s not okay to be sleep deprived and we all know it. When you lack sleep, you are less alert and are at a great disadvantage. You’re tired, cranky, and is generally not in your best shape. You’re also more prone to committing costly mistakes that will not only endanger your career, but your safety as well.

If you still think there’s nothing wrong in missing a few hours of sleep every night, then, let this infographic tell you more about the horrors of not getting enough shuteye.



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