New Parents, Expect Disrupted Sleep for the Next 6 Years

March 04, 2019

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We all know that raising children can get tough. There will be tons of sacrifices and changes involved in the process. Sleep is one of the first things that you should be ready to let go of in this process since there will be lots of sleepless nights when you become a parent.

While everyone knows that they’ll get little sleep when they have kids, they’re not completely aware of how much zzz’s they’ll lose in the process. According to some experts, new parents can lose about 2 hours of sleep nightly until the 5th month of their kids. From the 5th month onwards, it can lessen to an hour nightly or get worse depending on the baby’s sleeping habits.

The most astounding part of these numbers is that only about 5% of new parents get enough shuteye to stay in top shape during the first months of their offspring. This is why it’s easy to spot new parents: you just need to look for the signs of sleep deprivation and you’ll know that they just had a baby even without carrying one around.

When do new parents stop incurring sleep debts? According to a new study, most new parents experience sleep deprivation until their child’s 6th birthday. While most of them can get more zzz’s after the first couple of months of having their kid, they won’t really bounce back to their pre-pregnancy sleep.

Experts say that parents have a lower quality of zzz’s because of many factors. Aside from the fact that their shuteye can be disrupted by their little ones, there are also tons of other worries that come with parenthood. These can also significantly affect one’s sleep.

So if you’re about to have a little bundle of joy sometime soon, get ready to have poor sleep for the next six years at the very least. It would be good to start looking for ways to mitigate its effects right now, too, so make sure to look into that.


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