Please Don’t Take Sleep Talking Too Seriously

September 10, 2019

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If you often have to share sleeping space with other people, you would know by now just how common sleep talking can be. Sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes it’s creepy. No matter what the case, though, the fact remains that you shouldn’t take what they’re saying too seriously.

It’s not uncommon for sleep talkers to get teased over what they say in their slumber. Why not when it can really get hilarious? Since the speaker is asleep, they tend to babble nonsensical things in their sleep. However, on some occasions, their words can cause rifts and interpersonal issue.

One might hear their spouse or partner mumble something in their sleep that might make them suspect infidelity. Sleep talkers can also say just about anything about some other person. As sleep talkers do not have any filter or even awareness of what they’re uttering in their zzz’s, it can be hard to say what you’ll hear them say.

However, experts are convinced that sleep talk is not based on any conscious or rational thinking. This means that sleep talkers are literally just babbling. What they’re saying do not have any kind of meaning at all so you shouldn’t take it seriously. The law even accepts it as such so they shouldn’t cause any personal issues for the sleep talker.

It could, however, cause sleep problems for the sleeper. Some can experience sleep disturbance. It also prevents others from falling asleep altogether when in groups.

Sleeping next to or in the same room as a sleep talker can also affect your zzz’s as their nocturnal activities can also be very disruptive to others’ slumber.

No matter what the case is, however, it’s important to remember that what sleep talkers say while they’re out cold doesn’t necessarily hold any merit. While they can be about past experiences, there’s a good chance that they do not hold any emotional value to the speaker anymore. So if you hear a person talk in their sleep, don’t take what they say personally.

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