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March 25, 2014

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When it comes to quality spring coil mattresses, there’s no other than Salem beds that could ever be an option for most Filipinos. It has been proven throughout the decades that our mattresses provide the best comfort and excellent quality families look for in a product. We’ve been a part of generations of Filipino homes, with some units passed on to the next.

Despite the growth of demands for foam beds, there are still a lot of people who prefer to go home to a spring coil mattress. Not only is it because they grew up with these products and have become well acquainted with the comfort it can bring, but also because recent innovations have truly improved these products. Especially when it comes to Salem beds, not only do we guarantee that you’ll get great quality spring mattresses, but you can also be sure to get highly innovated products that will ensure exceptional quality sleep.

If you’re not yet ready to take the plunge into big items like our Elite and Top of the Line series, our Classic collection may easily do the trick. Packed with the same high grade materials, Salem’s Classic collection is the best introductory pieces to luxe spring coil mattresses before you make the big jump of investing on a high end piece. Each piece comes with a Bonnel type spring unit, layers of natural coco fiber, and covers that are treated with the Sanitized function, ensuring hygiene and keeping away dusts, mites, and bacteria.


Salem Beds Classic restful

Restful is a soft firm spring bed that measures 6.5″ in thickness. Although, Restful is a no frills mattress, it is a great pick for those who want to enjoy a quality spring mattress on a budget. With a 2-year warranty, you’re sure to get more out of your money with this Salem Classic bed.

Premier Rest

Salem Beds Classic Premier rest

As the name suggest, the Premier Rest aims to give you topnotch relaxation after a long day out. 6.5 inches in height, this Salem Classic is half quilted and offers great support. It’s Bonnel type spring system’s firmness is added with layers of polyurethane foam to create a softer sleeping surface. With a 1-year warranty, Premier Rest’s great components will surely sing you to sleep at night.

Sleepy Saver

Salem beds Classic sleepysaver small

Save your self from uncomfortable sleeping conditions with the very affordable Sleepy Saver. This Classic Salem bed offers a wide range of benefits for such a low price, making it an excellent option for comfort-seekers. With Salem’s signature Bonnel spring system reinforced by natural coco fiber and quality polyurethane foam for comfort, the Sleepy Saver offers terrific comfort that you’ll surely enjoy. 6.5 inches thick, this Classic Salem bed also comes with a 6-Month warranty.


Salem beds Classic primadonna

The Primadonna may have an intimidating name, but in actuality, it is a very friendly Salem Classic mattress. Designed with clean lines, it is a best selling model not only for its competitive pricing, but also because of its straightforward features. Easily available in most Salem beds retailers and distributors, the Primadonna offers great support and firm surfaces.

If you feel like you still need to get acquainted with a Salem bed before you dive in an invest on a higher priced model, the Classic collection can really get you started. Each model comes in different sizes, so you won’t find it difficult to find the size that you need.


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