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March 12, 2014

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While Salem has always been known for its quality innerspring beds, the market trends demand alternative options. This is why the inclusion of foam beds were introduced a couple of years ago, as a means of offering the well established Salem quality to the foam mattress market.

Salem’s foam beds come in three different types: polyurethane, memory, and latex. Our polyurethane foam products are commonly known as Salem Foam, while the memory and latex foams are typically used in combination type mattresses like the Elite, La Memoire, and Renascence series. For Salem Foam, we offer a wide range of products that are suited for every budget range.

x2 foamX2 Foam

X2 Foams are very soft, low density foams created to suit basic bedding needs. They can used as extra beddings, mattress toppers, or for padding a room for kids among other purposes.

b foamB Foam / Eco Foam

B foams, also known as eco foams, are another set of affordable foam mattresses from Salem Foam. They are soft, medium density foams  with Sanitized mattress covers, ensuring hygiene and health-friendliness. As it comes with a 2 year warranty, these items are definitely worth a quick purchase for no frills sleeping needs.


Exclusively sold at Our Home branches, the Esplanade is a marvelous foam mattress. With an 8 year warranty, this unit is composed of a soft, medium density polyurethane foam that is firm and ideal for back support.

g foamG Foam

G foam is the sturdier variety in the Salem Foam bunch. Its firmness offer excellent back support, ideal for those who prefer sleeping on their backs. With a five-year warranty, the G Foam is a nice initial investment for those who are still on the look out for a good night’s sleep.

Important points about Salem Foam mattresses:

  • Each unit comes with a Sanitized fabric cover, ensuring that the mattress is clean and hygienic. Quilted to reinforce its durability, the fabric we use are also British standard and imported.
  • For the higher end products, the mattress covers are padded, giving additional support.
  • The measurements for the foam mattresses include the padded covers, and do not refer only to the foam.

Salemtex, or Salem Foam mattresses are easily available in all SM Homeworld, SM Hypermarket, Sogo Fine Furniture branches, and a lot more Salem retailers nationwide.


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