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March 26, 2015

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Here at Salem Beds, we work hard to create the best and most comfortable mattresses in the local market. As we are also committed in bringing a good night’s sleep more accessible to the public, we are thrilled to announce that our e-commerce platform,, is now online!

By offering online orders and purchases, we aim to make Salem Beds more easily available to sleepers. However, we still recommend customers to visit a dealer or any of our retail outlets to test and feel the beds before purchasing, even online. This way, you can get an idea how the mattress will feel and whether it will match your comfort preferences.

As we are still new to this online ordering system, we are first rolling out our services to Metro Manila buyers only. Be assured, however, that we will soon be adding more locations, so stay tuned for our announcements.

For other inquiries, please email us at or call our hotline at (02) 432-0562.

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