Top 10 Things You Need to Know When Shopping for a Mattress

May 03, 2014

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Mattress shopping is one of the most dreaded tasks by some, as it can be taxing and exhausting. There’s also the vast array of options available, making things a bit more complicated. However, it is a task you should never compromise with. Here at Salem beds, we strongly believe that you need the best mattress there is in order to get high quality sleep. So to get you started, here’s a list of the ten things you need to know when shopping for a mattress.

1. No one else can tell you which is the most comfortable aside from yourself. Different people have varying preferences when it comes to their sleeping surfaces, so what your friend believe so may not exactly prove true to you. If you want to get the most out of your money, test the items yourself and get a good feel of how it’s like to lie on those beds.

2. Do a great deal of research. If you can get better acquainted with the technicalities of the different mattresses in the market today, you can have a better fighting chance at finding the best model for your needs. Learn about the different types, components, and specifications available in the market today, so you can choose which one appeals to you the most.

3. Set a budget. Make sure you know how far you can go financially with these things. Some mattresses are more expensive than others, and your budget can easily downsize the playing field without a fuss. Just don’t forget that you spend 1/3 of your life in bed, so investing in a good model can always be a great way to spend your hard earned money.

4. Size matters. Another top consideration when shopping for mattresses is the number of people who will sleep on the bed. If you’ll be sharing your bed with a spouse or partner, you’ll definitely need something bigger than a single bed. If you’re also planning on co-sleeping with a newborn, you should also consider not only the size, but also the firmness of the mattress, so individual movements won’t disturb the other sleepers.

5. Brand names actually matter. Individual brands are known for specific things, most usually for the quality of their work. This is why, if you’ve already enjoyed a certain brand before, odds are, you’ll like their other products as well. However, there’s also nothing wrong with change, as long as you stick with a name that you actually trust, not only from experience, but also from friends or relatives who can attest to their great craftsmanship.

6. Clarify the services the manufacturer can offer. Make sure to inquire about the return policies and the warranty coverage. What the company can do for you after you’ve paid for one of their products can easily add even more value to your purchase, so make sure to learn the ropes. Salem, for example, offers lifetime service warranty, as an assurance that our beds can really last for a long time.

7. If you have medical problems on your spine and back, checking with a doctor first can also help you. This will ensure that you get the proper support, guaranteeing your health and wellness.

8. Dress for the occasion. Make sure that your clothes are comfortable when you’re out shopping for mattresses, so you can get a full grasp and feel of the mattress without any distractions.

9. Take your time. Do not rush the process of shopping for a mattress. If you’re not 100% sure about the one you’ve found in one store, you can always compare it with something else in the next store. Just make sure to take note of the features and specifications of the mattress you’re eyeing, so you can easily compare it with other items.

10. Make sure to provide proper support for your mattress. Choose a suitable bed box or frame to use with your mattress. Not only does this guarantee a longer lifespan for your purchase, but can also ensure your safety.

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