How Your Work Performance Suffer from Poor Sleep

September 11, 2017

sleepy at work

For most people, sleep is always sacrificed so they can keep up with the demands of their work. Add to this the nightmarish commute most of us have to take every day and it's no wonder that millions of Filipinos are sleep deprived. While most folks would expect that sleep deprivation has negative effects on your work performance, many might not know the full extent of its impact.

Lots of people know that if you haven't slept well, you're just not as alert and awake at the office. This will make you perform tasks slower and even sloppier. It's also a given that your health will suffer from constant lack of sleep. But aside from these, the biggest reason why lack of sleep is causing you trouble at work is the fact that you're grumpier when you don't get enough sleep.

It's a fact that if you don't sleep enough, your negative mood goes into overdrive. It results in hostility, irritability, and anger in most folks. All of these can spell disaster in an organizational environment. If you have a management position, this can easily damage your relationship with your subordinates. You won't be a good leader if you're always angry and hostile. Your team won't trust you and will always stand on eggshells around you. Your team won't feel safe and motivated if all you ever do is get angry at them. You also won't be respected if you're always angry at your team members.

If you're a rank and file officer, exhibiting these traits can translate to your unwillingness to follow instructions and be a team player. Your manager won't feel like they can count on you. It can also start actual conflicts between you and your colleagues, which, of course, is something you should always avoid in a workplace.

So if you want to improve at work, you might want to start the night before by getting ample zzz's. It might be a challenge, but we promise that it will be all worth it. How do you sleep better? Click here for our blog filled with tips including getting a new Salem Bed to improve your comfort and doze off more easily.

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