Sleep Roundup: A Few Interesting Reads about Zzz’s to Start

August 06, 2018

Sleep may not seem like the most exciting activity but if you get to know it better, it’s actually very fascinating. There are so many different aspects of this body function that it shouldn’t be surprising that there are lots of interesting information about it. Even just related tidbits about it can be intriguing.

Just how fascinating sleep can be? We’ve rounded up some of the latest sleep-related reports to showcase this. Check them out below and see for yourself just how interesing sleep can be:

These luxury beds will let you sleep in a masterpiece.


British luxury bedmakers released a National Gallery Collection in early 2018 which features various artists’ works. Those who have always dreamt of sleeping on a work of art can have any piece owned by the National Gallery recreated into a bed through this collection. Now even one’s sleep can be high-brow.

“Nap bars” are now becoming a thing abroad.


With the general populace being so sleep deprived as of late, those in the sleep industry are coming up with new techniques to help people get some zzz’s. Quite a few mattress makers have set up their own “nap bars” or “pay-per-nap stores” which are basically just stores where you can book a pod where you can nap. You can also liken them to hotels, except you won’t really get a room to nap in and you’re charged by the hour. It’s quite an interesting concept, really.

If you’ve always found Bob Ross’ tutorials soothing and relaxing, this podcast series might just help you fall asleep.

A lot of people turn to podcasts nowadays to help them fall asleep. This is why some folks thought it might be helpful to convert Bob Ross’ shows into a podcast as to help people fall asleep more easily.

Sleeping with an electric fan on apparently comes with a few dangers.

Being from a tropical country, an electric fan is a necessary appliance to have in the bedroom. It turns out, other cultures find this to be dangerous. A lot of their arguments make sense but we don’t think we’ll be giving up our fans at home just yet.

While these articles won’t really help improve your zzz’s, they’re still quite entertaining and amusing. So, if you’ve always been curious about sleep, you’ll definitely find them good reads.

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