Sleep Roundup: Literal “Dream” Jobs

November 05, 2018

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A lot of us dream of getting paid while doing nothing. Okay, maybe not nothing, but a job that at least will let you just laze around or relax would be the best. If you can get paid to sleep, that will also be great as it might just help you pay off your sleep debt once and for all.

But did you know that these jobs actually exist? They’re not exactly easy to get but they exist. So maybe if you get lucky (or suit the specific qualifications the employers have in place), you might just be able to get a literal dream job for many.

Where can you find these jobs that will let you snooze after punching in? Here are a few:


NASA is looking for someone to participate in a ‘bed rest’ study. However, it’s more than just about sleeping, though, as the experts want to do everything in bed. If you’re cool with doing that for 70 days, then you can bring home $18,000 for staying in bed.

Clinical Trials

Sleep studies are regularly conducted by researchers, so if you’re lucky,  you might be able to find one that might also help you determine and fix your sleep issue.

This Internship

One mattress company in the US looked to hire a ‘Snoozetern’ who can help them test their mattress. Sleeping would be the primary task but they also need to figure out other important details like the best positions for doing stuff in the bed.

We know none of these jobs are available here, but who knows, someone might just come up with something similar in the future! Right now, though, we just have to keep dreaming of having a job that will require us to sleep.

Any Position at Crazy Inc

Yes, we’d love any spot at this Japanese wedding planning company because they offer to pay their employers up to $570 USD per year in terms of cafeteria food credits if they sleep for at least 6 hours per night. This is the company’s efforts to make their employees more productive and healthy, so we totally approve. While you won’t necessarily get extra cash, the savings you’ll make from not having to pay for lunch is still an amazing deal if you’ll ask us.

As the title suggests, these are literal “dream jobs” for us since they’re not necessarily accessible to us and there are no equivalents in our beautiful country. But who knows, maybe you’ll find something similar if you’re lucky, right?

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