Sleeping Next to a Dog is Said to be Better for Women

December 03, 2018

with dog

Bad news, hubbies: a study discovered that sleeping next to a pooch is better for your wives’ sleep than sharing a bed with you. As it turns out, humans and cats aren’t as pleasant as dogs as bed partners.

After surveying 962 adult women who shared their beds with pets (cats and dogs) and human partners, the subjects who sleep next to a dog reported having a more restful sleep. They noted that their dogs are less disruptive to their shuteye and that they felt more comfortable and secure with their pets.

There are lots of factor in play with these reports, though, so don’t cast a wary glance on your pooch just yet. For one, the kind of bond between the women and their dogs weren’t specified in the study. So if your lady isn’t too attached to your fur ball, she might not get the same results. It’s also hard to rely on what the subjects perceive as ‘restful sleep’ since it’s all based on personal opinion.

However, this study tends to support an earlier study that found out about how humans tend to sleep better with dogs sharing their bed.

Worried about your lady love casting you out of bed so they can sleep better? As a defense, you can remind them why they shouldn’t share a bed with your pet. There are tons of good reasons that will convince them to keep a human bed partner instead.

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