Sleepy Saver: Saving the Sleepy in More Ways than One

June 03, 2015


If you have ever shopped for a mattress before, you’ll know how taxing mattress shopping can get. Sure, friends and family are great resources, as their feedback will always prove to be very useful to your quest, but sometimes, suggestions from others do not cut it. Especially since comfort is a very relative thing, your preferences may not exactly agree with theirs.

Here at Salem Beds, we strive to help you out in picking the right mattress for your needs and preferences. The wide array of our products alone tells a lot about our commitment in providing every Filipino a choice in which Salem bed to take home.

To help you out in your task of finding a great mattress, let us tell you more about one of our bestsellers, the Sleepy Saver.

The Sleepy Saver mainly boasts of two things: its trademark Salem bed quality and its affordable price. You can say that the Sleepy Saver truly saves the sleepy through these two main trait, as the quality ensures durability, and the friendly price offers every one a great place to rest their heads on despite the tight budget.

With a tight plush design and a soft firm feel, the Sleepy Saver can truly save your days and nights from restlessness. Perfectly cozy with it’s soft surface, this mattress guarantees you a good night’s sleep that will last for a long time.

Salem beds Classic sleepysaver small

With a 6-month warranty, the Sleepy Saver is definitely one of the best low-priced mattress in the Salem Bed Classic Collection.

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