Small Spaces, Big Beds and 6 Ways How to Make It Work

September 15, 2015

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A lot of people fear small spaces. Designing it can also be a big challenge. Having limited space almost always equates to having a few options to work with. If you’re faced with this challenge, especially for your bedroom-fret not. There are tons of ways how you can make a fully equipped bedroom despite a limited floor area.

To fully demonstrate how you can work it out, here are some examples of how many small homes have worked out their small space.

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Keeping it bare and minimal works for this bedroom. It managed to squeeze in a good sized bed without blocking the door and even alloted some space for a bed side furniture. The ceiling grazing window helped in making the room look bigger as well.

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For extremely narrow spaces, getting a bed that is measured to fit the space would be the best way to maximize limited floor area for your bedroom, make the room feel cozier, and prevent it from feeling too small. To keep things within reach, take after the photo above and use a stool or other home furniture as a night stand to hold random stuff you don’t want in your bed.

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Let the bed take center stage. For small bedrooms, it is highly important to prioritize as there’s just so much space available for use. By having the bed take most of the floor area in your bedroom, you’re less likely to accumulate unnecessary junk.

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If you’re still building the bedroom, plan it well. Planning ahead can help you get more from your space, so make sure to be more creative when it comes to creating a small home.

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Positioning is key to having a maneuverable tiny bedroom. Even if your bed is full sized, as long as you can open and close the door without a fuss, you can be sure to find a way to make it work.

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Work out your storage. Of course, having a small room does not necessarily mean that you can live minimally. If this is the case, you should seriously find effective and clever ways to keep your stuff out of sight and your bedroom spic and span.

These are just some of the many ways how you can make a small bedroom work despite the want for full sized bed. Just remember to keep it cozy, and make sure to let your Salem Bed take the center stage in your bedroom.

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