Sticking It Out: How Your Feet Can Help You Sleep Better

July 20, 2015

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While summer is technically over, the days continue to be quite balmy, thanks to our country’s tropical climate. Sure, the temperature drops a little during the rainy season, but when the rains aren’t really pouring, you can expect some sweating even at night.

If you find it difficult to doze off when it’s stifling hot, but you really can’t ditch your blanket as early mornings can also get quite chilly, here’s a trick that is tried and tested: stick your feet out. By sticking your foot out of your mattress, you’re helping your body regulate it’s temperature without doing too much that can disturb your sleep or comfort.

How does your feet help in cooling your body down, you might be wondering. According to National Sleep Foundation’s Natalie Dautovitch in an interview for NY Mag, while there isn’t a study conducted about the feet’s participation in a person’s sleep, there are a few theories about it. One of which is the temperature regulation thing, as the soles of our feet (and palm of our hands) have special vascular structures that are designed to help in heat loss. As you know, our soles and palms do not have hair, which makes insulation quite non-existent in these areas. This makes it ideal for heat dissipation, allowing the body to cool down.

As the body needs to cool down to feel sleepy, it is essential to find ways to take down your core temperature at night. Especially here in the Philippines were nights can get unbearably warm at certain parts of the year, finding ways to ease your body from the heat is essential. By sticking your feet outside the covers is an easy technique that you can try.

Of course, this trick also works the other way around. This is why putting on socks when it’s cold can make you feel cozier, as your feet gets extra insulation, allowing your body to warm up a little.

Check out this video from NY Mag telling you more about how your feet can help you sleep:


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