What makes Salem Beds so Special?

October 02, 2014


Being in the bed manufacturing industry for nearly fifty years now, there must be something about Salem beds that makes it last this long. There must be something about the brand and its products that keeps it at the top of the game for decades on end, right?

Here at Salem beds, we believe that there are a number of things that help us stand out from the competition. If you’re wondering what they are, let us count the ways.

Salem keeps family at its core

what makes salem beds so special

Still completely run and managed by the founding Tiu family, it is not too surprising that Salem values family in its very core. Founded by Tiu Kim Chuan in 1968, the company continues to be managed and run by family, lead by the current CEO, Mr. Benjamin Tiu.

This commitment allows us to create products that are wholesome and is designed to cater to the whole family, in hopes of fostering a stronger bond among members. We want our mattresses to complete the comfort every home offers to the people who live in them, and become a part of many growing families for the years and decades to come.

Salem makes your sleep our business

Being in the business for more than four decades already, we make sure your sleep is our top priority. Not only are our mattresses designed to cater to your comfort preferences and requirements, but we also work hard in helping you find the high quality sleep you deserve with the help of our products.

Salem guarantees quality

what makes salem so special

From the materials used to the craftsmanship applied to our products, quality is integrated in every step of the way. This is why it isn’t surprising that our mattresses outlast their warranties, making them long time comfort companions in many Filipino homes.

Salem makes use of native materials

One of the things that make Salem stand out from the crowd is its audacity to make use of locally sourced items in it’s world class products. Unlike other brands, we continue to use natural abaca fibers, processed into a thick sheet, to be used as an additional layer for our mattresses. The natural coir acts as an excellent insulator and keeps the mattresses in great shape despite long term use.

Salem brings world class luxury to the Filipino people

what makes salem beds so special

Striving to provide Filipino homes the very best products there is, we are proud to offer a luxurious line of mattresses to the local market. While Salem mattresses are made in the Philippines, our high end lines are composed of materials sourced from abroad as well. Our latex and new generation memory foam are sourced from Europe, as well as our treated fabrics. Combined with Filipino ingenuity and the renowned Salem brand craftsmanship, we offer a range of first-class mattresses that are proud to be locally made but are easily at par with several international brands.

Salem beds last for a good long time

In the end, it’s still about how long a product can last, especially in the mattress manufacturing industry. As each Salem bed is meticulously designed and painstakingly crafted to ensure high quality, it’s easy to expect that our products will stand use and abuse for a long time. Some may even outlive their warranty, assuring you that you have gotten yourself a great bargain.


Quality products, luxury you can afford, and Filipino ingenuity are just some of the few things that make Salem beds stand out from the crowd. Experience exquisite comfort like no other with a Salem bed today.

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