Why Sleeping with the Fan On Isn’t a Problem in the PH

July 29, 2019

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With summer in full swing in the northern hemisphere, it’s not hard to come across news bits and posts about the heatwave Europe is experiencing right now. Their day time temperatures have just reached an all-time high at 42.6 degrees on Thursday, July 25. Their nighttime temps only drop to the mid-20s, so there’s no reprieve for them at all. It’s utter nightmare for them as they’re not used to experiencing so much heat and even the evenings prove to be too hot for them.

It might not seem like much to us since we’ve been dealing with a heat index in the 40s since April but it’s not the same case for our foreigner friends. Their homes and other buildings are designed to trap heat in so their indoor spaces are practically furnaces during the summer months. Not a lot of buildings and homes also have air-conditioning units since they don’t need it a lot during the other times of the year.

Then, there’s also the fact that they’re just not really used to so much heat. It’s fine with us as our bodies are used to dealing with feverish temperatures but it’s not the case for them.

Just think of it as the same way most of us already need to bundle up when the temperatures drop below 25C. Even if we stay in air-conditioned rooms for the majority of our days, we’re still not used to 24 degrees and lower.

One of the most interesting things that lots of us will see in the midst of the discussion is whether it’s safe or not for people to sleep with an electric fan on. It’s a striking topic because electric fans are mainstays in Filipino bedrooms. It’s honestly more nightmarish to not sleep with it on. Even just the thought of not turning it on when hitting the sack is outrageous. Most of us have slept with a fan on and we’re fine, right? Why should it be a problem elsewhere?

According to experts, electric fans produce dry air which can then dry out nasal passages. It can also dry out your skin and throat as well as irritate your eyes. It can then result in a stuffy nose, dry eyes, and other discomforts that will further keep you from sleep.

As fans are also not used very often in European homes, they’re also very likely to have gathered dust over time. Turning them on will then blow out the dust and direct them to the people in the room which can then lead to allergic rhinitis and other reactions against dust exposure.

Both points are valid but don’t necessarily apply to us here in the PH. With the high level of humidity we have in our country, our air is nowhere near dry. So the air that our fans make and move around is also not dry at all.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful when using a fan, though. As it turns out, it can cause dehydration when you keep it pointed towards you for extended periods of time. Experts say that the air doesn’t make your sweat evaporate but requires you to sweat all the more which can then lead to dehydration.

If you also tend to fall asleep with your eyes or mouth partially open, you might also experience some dryness if the fan is pointing towards your direction. Because of these, it’s better to keep the fan oscillating.

With the electric fan the only thing that helps keep our homes relatively cool, it would be nuts to get rid of them because they’re not exactly suitable for similar use in other countries. If you’ll ask us, you don’t really need to worry about using electric fans at night as millions of us have tested and proven it to be an essential device for sleep.

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