Your Teenager Might Only Need Better Beddings to Sleep Bette

November 19, 2018

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As our past posts would’ve told you, teenagers are practically some of the most sleep-deprived groups out there today. With homework, extra curricular activities, various interests, and their busy social lives keeping them busy, they tend to find it difficult to go to bed early. Combine this with the fact that teens are naturally predisposition to become night owls and it will be very easy to understand why a lot of them don’t get enough zzz’s.

With the teenage years being some of the most important stages in a person’s life in terms of physical development, experts are showing great concern about the sleep deprivation that plague teenagers around the globe. Schools have already devised their own various ways how to help improve their students’ sleep and specialty sleep tech are now being marketed for teens.

The schemes devised by experts from different fields have a wide range of grandness but not all of them are guaranteed to work. Some are also inaccessible for a lot of kids, so they don’t really make a difference.

This is why one study might just pique parents’ interest because of how simple their proposed solution to teen sleeplessness. According to a group of neuroscientists, teenagers who have reported to have higher satisfaction with their beddings had better quality sleep, according to their standards.

The study looked at the various factors that can affect their test subjects’ sleep and the beddings really stood out and tied together the study. This took even the researchers by surprise, since there are tons of different things that can affect a young person’s sleep. Who thought that something as simple as beddings can make or break the quality of their zzz’s?

While the study didn’t really recommend the best beddings, they noted that this is because ‘one size doesn’t fit all.’ As we always say, comfort is relative, so what others might find comfortable might not feel the same way to others. This is why there’s really not just one mattress, pillow, or bed clothes that will be deemed supreme and best for everyone.

It’s not very common for parents to check with their kids whether their mattress or beddings feel comfortable to them. With this new information, maybe it’s better to start considering your teenager’s opinion when shopping for mattresses and beddings. If something so simple can improve their sleep, it’s certainly well worth the effort.

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